Allow me to tell you how this little website happened…

An unfortunate affliction called Crohn's Disease has placed me in the hospital on numerous occasions, sometimes for several months at a time. I am not allowed to eat, and its very difficult to sleep, read or concentrate while in this unfamiliar and upsetting environment. Subsequently, I find it boring!

But hold on! Before I risk depressing you, there's an 'up' side to this story!

During one of my hospital stays, a friend came to visit me and very kindly brought me a sketchpad and some pencils. With considerable effort and many wasted pages, I found a new hobby! For once I had the time to practice something without distraction as I had many hours to myself while recovering.

Each day, I created a new cartoon and taped it on the wall next to my bed. Whenever I could, I coaxed a nurse or a friend to make some photocopies of my cartoons so I could color them with pencils and post them in the halls and on bulletin boards.

Pretty soon, other patients started to seek me out to see what I had created each day. It actually turned my hospital experience into an almost pleasurable one!

These cartoons and other doodles coalesced into this collection, which I have been compiling and cleaning up for quite a while now. I felt it was high time I did something with the drawings I had finished, so I have compiled them into a book which I also intend to sell on this site in order to send some money to the Crohn's and Colitis Association.

Cartooning has proved to be one of the best forms of therapy I could possibly wish for, and I hope these cartoons give you as much pleasure as I had in creating them!

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